Mr. David Janofa
Poland Schools Superintendent

Mr. Janofa

Thank you for visiting the web site of the Poland, Ohio School System. The Poland Schools are rich in tradition, history and excellence. The school system was founded in 1802 as the area's first public school and now spans three centuries of service...from the early 1800s, all through the 1900s, and now into the 2000s.

The Poland School System prides itself on excellence and caring. This was the basis in the early days of the school system and, it continues today.

The Poland School System has given the nation some outstanding graduates, such as William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States and William Calhoun, Ambassador to China. Graduates of Poland Seminary High School are now found in all of the fifty states and in seventeen foreign nations around the globe.

The "Seminary" in the name Poland Seminary High School is a tradition that goes all the way back to 1862 when the term meant a co-ed institution of higher learning. Poland Seminary was one of the first elite private colleges to admit women in the mid 1800s. Later in the early 1900s the college would become a public high school. The transfer of the deed of the college property to the public school system for $1.00 stipulates that the name Seminary "be forever continued". Thus the school became known as Poland Seminary High School. This historic property is now the site of the present Poland Middle School.

The present high school was built in 1971 with additions and/or renovations in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2006. The school is a pleasant blend of history and traditions in a new setting of fiber optics and modern computer technology.

The Poland School System, staff, and students annually receive local, state, and national recognition for excellence.

The Poland School System is consistently identified by School Match, Inc. as one of the top districts in the nation to have the qualities parents desire when choosing a school system. According to School Match, this continued success places Poland in the top 14 percent of all school districts in the nation.

The Poland Schools are also consistently ranked as excellent by the State of Ohio, the state's highest academic rating. Only about 10% of the state's schools receive this honor.

College entrance test results for PSHS students on the ACT and SAT consistently rank above the county, state, and national averages with approximately 94% of our graduates going on to colleges, universities or some form of post-secondary education.

We are proud of the students, district personnel, and schools. We are pleased the Poland community residents value the school system and the quality of education found in the Poland Schools.

The Poland School System now turns to its third century with unprecedented optimism. The success of the school system is made possible by everyone working together - students, parents, faculty, staff, administration and community - to embrace the standard of excellence in the Poland Schools. Go Bulldogs!

Mr. David Janofa
Superintendent of Schools
Poland, Ohio