Eighth grade students in library looking at books as part of book tasting assignment.
Three female eighth grade students .
Eighth grade students in library looking at books as part of book tasting assignment.
McKinley students in class working on an assignment.
McKinley students in class.
Two McKinley students smiling in class.
Students at Poland Union Elementary School
Students at Poland Union Elementary
Students at Poland Union
students wearing green for Start With Hello Week.

Curriculum Update

Last Updated: 11/22/2019 3:14 AM

As part of the district’s Strategic Plan, committees, made up of more than 100 district stakeholders, provided the district with ways the community would like to see enhancement and additions to curriculum.  The district has made several changes to curriculum to make sure students are receiving a 21st Century Learning Education.








Bridges in Mathematics is being taught at the elementary level (K-5).

College Preparatory Mathematics is the adopted curriculum for middle school students (6-8).

Middle school students can take Algebra 1 for high school credit.

Poland Seminary High School is offering more Advanced Placement courses and College Credit Plus Classes.  




A K-12 Literacy Team is in place to meet the needs of all students.

The district received an A ranking on the Ohio State Report Card for gap closing, meeting the needs of all sub-groups.

 Poland Local Schools are part of the Striving Readers Grant, a $1.2 million dollar grant that will strengthen language and literacy from birth to high school. The grant is through the Mahoning County Educational Service Center (MCESC). MCESC is working with our staff, training Teacher Leaders in Math and English Language Arts. Poland has two Literacy Coaches, and our Teacher Leaders will take what they’ve learned and provide professional development to their peers this spring.




Technology classes were created for grades 5-8.

New, state-of-the-art Apple Lab at the middle school, which aligns with the curriculum at the high school.

Every student has the opportunity to gain experience in Apple, Microsoft and Google.

STEM curriculum is now offered to 5-8th grade students.

The high school has an AP Computer Science Class.

Every classroom now has a phone.

Adopted a Chromebook Replacement Policy

Staff has gone through development training to increase technology integration in the classroom.


New Courses for the 2018-2019 School Year at McKinley Elementary


5th Grade STEM

Family and Consumer Science- Career Exploration for 5th grade


New Courses/ Electives for the 2018-2019 School Year at Poland Middle School


6th grade STEM

Technology for all grades

Family/Consumer Science for 6th grade

New 8th grade electives

Spanish 1 for high school credit

Intro to Art for high school credit



Intro to Broadcasting

Careers and Your Future

Culinary Arts/Cooking

Fashion Textiles and Interior Design

Personal Fitness/Healthy Living

Team Sports

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