Poland Middle school students at cafeteria table.
Photo collage , three pictures of Poland Union students
PSHS students in class with chrome books
McKinley Elementary students in the classroom working on assignments.
Poland Middle School students in classroom, sitting in desks with social distancing and wearing masks.
Poland Middle School students working on an assignment

Business Advisory Council

Last Updated: 11/8/2019 7:11 PM

Poland Local Schools is aligned with the Mahoning County Educational
Service Center (MCESC) Business Advisory Council. The MCESC
Business Advisory Council is focused on educating Mahoning Valley
students, parents and educators about the wide range of career
opportunities available, making connections with resources to pursue a
pathway and providing support to ensure success.


A well-prepared workforce that contributes to the economic development
and improved quality of life throughout the Mahoning Valley region.


To advise, support and empower Mahoning Valley educators in delivering
the instruction and experiences students need to develop relevant, in-
demand employment skills as part of their academic and technical
preparation for college, careers and/or military service.


Please contact the MCESC for information on the Business Advisory Council including Joint Statement, Council of Plan Action, Council Bylaws and any other questions.


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