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Photo collage, three photos of high school students.
Poland Seminary High School Students
Poland Students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland Students

School Forms

Last Updated: 8/19/2021 5:10 PM

FinalForms Login


Final Forms Instructions


1.           Go to

2.           Click NEW ACCOUNT under the Parent Icon

3.           Type your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH and EMAIL, then click REGISTER

4.           Check your Email for a FinalForms Email and click CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT in the email text.
NOTE: You will receive an email within 2 minutes prompting you to confirm and complete your registration. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder. If you still do not see the FinalForms email, please email

5. Create your new FinalForms password and click CONFIRM ACCOUNT

6. You may be asked if you want to grant another. Parent/Guardian access to your registered students. Either click SKIP THIS STEP or type the NAME, DATE OF BIRTH and EMAIL, then click: ADD PARENT ACCOUNT.

7. Your account(s) will be created, you can then click REGISTER STUDENT for your first child.



Basic Medical History & Health Info

Doctor, Dentist & Hospital Information

Insurance Company & Policy Number

Email Address for BOTH you and your student (if required by your district)




***IMPORTANT*** If you have followed the steps on the previous page, you may Jump to Step 3.


1.           Go to

2.           Click LOGIN under the Parent Icon

3.           Click REGISTER STUDENT

4.           Complete the form including the Student’s Legal Name, EMAIL ADDRESS, Date of Birth, Gender, Graduation Year, Home Address and any other information required by your School District, then click CREATE STUDENT
NOTE: A student email address may or may not be required depending on your school district preferences. If so, the email address provided may be used to send reminders to your student.

5.           If your student plans to participate in a sport, activity, or club please click the checkbox for each. Click UPDATE after making your selection.
NOTE: A selection can be changed any time until the registration deadline.

6.           Complete each form and sign your full name (e.g. "John Smith") into the Parent Signature field at the bottom of the page. After signing, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form.

7. When all forms are complete, you will see a “Forms Finished” message.
***IMPORTANT*** If required, an email will automatically be sent to the email address that you provided for your student prompting him/her to sign Student forms requiring his/her signature.

8.           Click MY STUDENTS if you are done or REGISTER ANOTHER STUDENT if you need to add another.

9.           At any point in the future, you may login at any time and click the UPDATE FORMS button.

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