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Photo collage, three photos of high school students.
Poland Seminary High School Students
Poland Students, photo collage, three photos.
Poland Students


Last Updated: 11/22/2019 2:07 PM

Poland Local Schools is committed to providing access to our electronic and information technology, including our web pages, for individuals with disabilities.

Web Accessibility and Functionality: If a person with a disability experiences inaccessible online content related to a Poland Local Schools' program, benefit or service, the person should contact the District's Public Information Officer by using the ADA Report tool in order to obtain the content in an accessible format. The individual may also file a formal complaint utilizing the procedures set out in Board Policies 2260 and 2260.01 relating to Section 504 and Title II.

ADA Report Tool Link

Accessibility Resources and Training

Accessible Content Creation Cheatsheets for Microsoft Office, PDF's, and Video Captioning

Accessible Content Creation for Google Suite for Education -  This video is being updated in multiple formats to include audio descriptions and Closed Captions that it had. We will be reposting in 2-3 weeks with the updated file formats.

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